How to quit smoking, AND START VAPING!

Carlos Gutierrez

This is honestly the first question that I get when it comes to vaping, "HOW DO YOU DO IT"? Now this is a question that is not so simply answered. For example, a lot comes into consideration. What cigarettes/cigars do you smoke? How often do you smoke? How long have you been smoking? 

My honest opinion (because frankly that's all it is) no one should start vaping any dessert flavor or candy or fruit flavor liquid. You need to train your mind to get used to the vapor and the best way to do so is finding a liquid that is the most similar to what you smoke, i.e ( Light Tobacco flavor, Bold, Menthol ). Second, a higher nicotine level is always best, because that will help fight cravings, I recommend .6% to 1.2%% MG for a pack a day smoker. 

Now this goes hand in hand with the liquid, You MUST use a MOUTH TO LUNG DEVICE, or MTL. A MTL device is used for higher nicotine level liquids, Produce less vapor, and feel more similar to a cigarette. Which will also aid in your goal to quit smoking. 


A Direct Lung (LUNG HIT) device is mainly used for advanced vapor users, which produce massive vapor clouds and use little to no nicotine to not cause nicotine poison and or throat pain. I recommend slowly moving over to direct lung devices and less nicotine to provide a healthier, smoother flavorful vape. 

I personally noticed that after one week of not smoking cigarettes I have completely kicked the urge of wanting to, and slowly started venturing into other fruity flavors, which all have less nicotine usually. 

Back to MTL devices, they are usually cheap, so starting off, you would possibly end up spending close to 50-60 dollars for your first set up that will last you some time, (vaporizer and 1/2 bottles of e-liquid) and when your ready for you upgrade you have already saved a significant amount of money from kicking that horrible tobacco habit!  

Now there still is a lot that needs to be addressed so please do not hesitate if you have any questions to send me a quick email! I'd love to help out! 

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